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TeMP Trade is registered in Iran's Salafchegan Special Economic Zone mainly for Food and Oil Products. The Company will be soon announcing of its food processing unit in Salafchegan.

Company's trading activity is not only limited to Virgin and Recyled Base Oil and RPO, but its Food Trading Division has been active in exporting Saffron, Nuts, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables as well.

Our team of experts in Oil, Food, Packaging, Logistics and Shipping are always ready to assis you answer all your queries.

We are also providing import and export services from our UAE and Kuwait office. Ourselves are open for collaboration and flexible in cargo investment with transparent policies with importers of Food and Oil products.

Our Company is sourcing and supply office for few Middle Eastern and Indian Companies who trust us for our business ethics.

We are open for new venture and cargo investment of food and oil products.



We are a group of companies originally based in India and one of the pioneer in Ship Breaking Industry and Ship Spares Supply.

The Company mainly expanded its activities in Maritime Supply fulfilling requirements of Ship Managers, Ship Repairers and other Traders.

We saw good opportunity of diversification and invested in Vegetable Dehydration Processing Factory, which today produces 8000 Kg Per Day with state of art machinery and stringent quality parameters. The factory is situated in Mahuva, Gujarat (India).

Later in 2010 we opened office in Dubai, UAE for supplying steel scrap to Indian Steel Factories as well as to Indian importer.

In 2015 we opened office in Dar es-Salaam, Tanzania for importing Lubricants and Grease inside Tanzania and setup a distribution channel for East Africa.

We saw some opportunities in Iran and in 2018 opened an office in Iran as a business consultant and exporter of Base Oil, RPO and some Food products.

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Thursday: 9.00 - 14.00

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