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It is an organic compound with formula c3H6N6. This white solid is a trimer of cyanamide .melamine is a name used both for the chemical and for the plastic made from it.
Melamine is produced in powder form from urea solution with purity 70%.

Packed in 25kg bag and big bag (1metric ton sizes).

Soda Ash

Is a trade name for sodium carbonate, with the chemical formula of NA2CO3 . This multifaceted chemical is used in several functions in various industries . Soda ash is produced through the solvary process(also known as the ammonia _soda process).this method is among the most efficient manufacturing ways. In appearance, soda ash resembles white crystalline powder : it is odorless and hygroscopic in nature. Depending on its features.
soda ash consists of three various kinds, namely: light soda ash, dense soda ash and washing soda.
Dense soda ash,which is an anhydrous substance. It forms an important industrial chemical, and is widely used in the manufacture of different products.
Light soda ash , which is widely used as a pH regulatory/buffering agent in multiple industrial process.
Washing soda,which is also an anhydrous substance that's produced by combining light soda ash along with additional molecules of water. It's mostly used in soaps and washing detergents to improve their cleaning properties.
Soda ash also is used to clean the air and soften water. as environmental concerns grow, demand increases for soda ash used in the removal of sulfur dioxide and hydrochloric acid from stack gases.
Chemical producers use soda ash as an intermediate to manufacture products that sweeten soft drinks (corn sweetness )relieve physical discomfort (sodium bicarbonate) and improve foods and toiletries (phosphates) household detergents and paper products are a few other common examples of readily identifiable products using soda ash.


– Linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid – Acid slurry (R-C6H4-SO3H)

We are Iranian supplier and exporter of highest quality Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid ( LABSA 96-97% ) from our leading state-of-the-art governmental manufacturing facilities with direct prices from the factory.

What is LABSA?
LABSA 96-97% ( Sulfonic Acid ) is the largest-volume synthetic surfactant because of its relatively low cost, good performance, the fact that it can be dried to a stable powder and the biodegradable environmental friendliness as it has straight chain. LABSA 96% is an anionic surfactant with molecules characterized by a hydrophobic and a hydrophilic group.

Chemical formula: R-C6H4-SO3H / C6H5CnH2n+1

Classification: anionic surfactant

Synonyms: Dodecylbenzene Sulfonic Acid (Strait Chain), n-Dodecylbenzene Sulfonic Acid, Acid Slurry, ácido dodecilbenceno sulfónico, Acide dodécylbenzènesulfonique, LAS

LABSA 96% Packing:
We pack our manufactured LABSA 96% (acid slurry) in new 220 kg HDPE drums. We can offer the drums in bulk or on pallets.

It is also possible to pack LABSA orders in 1 MT IBC tanks.

For our major customers that order on bulk basis, we are in position to design and print customized packaging upon customers’ requirements based on solo partnership contracts.

LABSA 96% Applications :
( sulfonic acid uses )
Detergent: LABSA 96% used in formulation of washing powder, detergent powder, detergent cake, liquid soap, cleaning powder, hair shampoo, bath shampoo , complex soap, laundry powder, dishware cleaner in daily chemical industrial.

Textile: They also use acid slurry as wetting and clearer and dyeing assistant in textile industry.

Other applications:

They also use Linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid in anionic specialty formulations.

Acid slurry is used as degrease agent in electroplate and Leather manufacturing.

It is also used as de-inking agent in paper making.